Our surgeons are all fellowship trained experts in hip and knee replacement surgery. We bring the latest treatment solutions to our patients

The Power of Four

We believe that all patients deserve the highest quality of care. That's why every patient gets the power of four fellowship-trained surgeons reviewing their case before & after surgery during our weekly patient conference. In especially complex revision cases, our surgeons will work together in the operating room. With four minds together our team strives to bring you the best possible care.

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Fellowship: Stanford University Hospital

Residency: Johns Hopkins Hospital

Hometown: Fresno, CA

Fellowship: Duke University

Residency: Midwestern University

Hometown: Cleveland, OH

Fellowship: West Virginia University

Residency: UCSF Fresno

Hometown: Glendale ,CA

Fellowship: Ohio State University

Residency: UCSF Fresno

Hometown: Fresno, CA

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